Spring 2013 issue

Estuaries Illustrated–Newsletter of the North Inlet – Winyah Bay NERR

Estuaries Illustrated is distributed electronically through our email list and this website. In it you will find articles and information about training opportunities, research and stewardship projects, and education programs of the NI-WB NERR and our partners. Please email us if you would like to be included on the distribution list for Estuaries Illustrated and Reserve-related news.

Spring 2013

Read about natures calendar, and a triple celebration for the NI-WB Reserve's 20th birhtday, Estuaries Day, and the 40th anniversary of the Coastal Zone Managment Act.

Summer 2012

Biodiversity was the theme of the first NI-WB Reserve Earth Day Celebration and BioBlitz.

Winter 2011-2012

Check out the slightly new format of the newsletter (now with hyperlinks). Local decision makers and community members learn about beach vitex and stormwater ponds, NERRs staff go on the road, and lionfinsh is on the menu.

Volume 4, Issue 1: Spring 2011

Estuaries Illustrated returns after being on leave. Read about the Danish-Georgetown student exchange, new staff members at the NI-WB Reserve, and backyard wildlife at the HBDC.

Volume 3, Issue 2: Summer 2010

The HBDC and the NI-WB NERR are now on Facebook. Join us in celebrating National Estuaries Day. The North Inlet estuary habitat map has been completed, and shoreline gardens were installed in Surfside.

Volume 3, Issue 1: Spring 2010

The Winyah Naturalist Series kicked off with 'Investigate Invertebrates'. Reserve staff help to upate a regional water quality plan, and the southeastern reserves partner agains invasive plant species. Teachers get experience telling the stories of the salt marsh, and the HBDC hopes to cature the story of an RCW family on film.

Volume 2, Issue 2: Winter 2009-2010

The New Hobcaw Barony Discovery Center was offically opened and ready for the NI-WB Estuaries Day celebration. Low impact design features of the HBDC and Clemson construction projects were highlighted in a workshop, and seven more students graduated from the Winyah Naturalist Program.

Volume 2, Issue 1: Summer 2009

Read all about the NEWS: New NI-WB NERR web site, new exhibits at the Hobcaw Barony Discovery Center, new Graduate Research Fellows, and new staff phone numbers.

Volume 1, Issue 4: Winter 2008-2009

SWMP technician training and marsh bird monitoring training, Hobcaw Barony Discovery Center gets a big tank and permeable pavers, the CTP hosts a series of technical design seminars on low impact design stormwater practices, and the Task Force takes on beach vitex.

Volume 1, Issue 3: Fall 2008

The bioretention swale - more than just a ditch, NI-WB staff attend national meeting in California, beach sweeps at North Inlet show both shoreline and ocean sources, and ground breaking to wall busting at the Hobcaw Barony Discovery Center.

Volume 1, Issue 2: Summer 2008

Teachers get hands-on experience at ACE Basin, summer blooms at North Inlet-Winyah Bay, NI-WB CTP teams with Surfside Beach Stormwater Advisory Committee, clapper rail research in North Inlet, and the Winyah Master Naturalist Course trains volunteer stewards.

Volume 1, Issue 1: Spring 2008

Premier issue! Nesting season begins, CTP seminar helps decision makers understand wetland regulations, diamondback terrapin population and movement are studied in North Inlet, and the Hobcaw Barony Discovery Center project gets underway.

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