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Beachvitex.org is home to the Beach Vitex Task Force. We are committed to controlling the spread of the invasive plant, Vitex rotundifolia in North and South Carolina. This site provides facts about beach vitex and serves as an information clearinghouse for the task force.

Beach vitex spreads rapidly by both vegetative growth and by seeds and poses a threat to native dune plants and animals.  The Beach Vitex Task Force is leading an interagency effort to address the issue. Although not yet officially classified as an invasive species, Beach Vitex is causing major concern.

Help Stop Beach Vitex

If you see this plant anywhere in your beach community, particularly on the dunes or beach itself, DO NOT DIG IT UP. Scientists and volunteers are working hard to record and monitor the location of the plant in order to determine how widespread the problem is and how fast Beach Vitex is spreading. 

  • Take a picture
  • Get GPS coordinates if possible, or find the nearest street address
  • Report your sighting

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