Volunteers monitor water quality for the SC AAS program


September 11, 2021


9:30 am - 11:30 am

Volunteer Training: Adopt-a-Stream Tidal Saltwater Monitoring-FIELD TRAINING

Volunteer Field Training

**This training is for those who have already taken the virtual introductory training at the North Inlet Reserve**

This field workshop will certify individuals to become SC AAS volunteers who choose to adopt a tidal saltwater site (salinity of over 0.5 ppt). Attendees will learn how to collect water samples and test six basic core parameters: dissolved oxygen, air temperature, water temperature, pH, salinity and transparency. Individuals must pass an open book exam to become a certified volunteer and be able to enter data into the publicly accessible database. Participants must have attended an on-line or in person information session prior to field training. For more info in SC AAS, visit scadoptastream.org