Reserve Virtual Challenge

Feeling like doing some exploring? While the Reserve may be physically closed this month, you can check out our new virtual tour and see if you can complete this scavenger hunt challenge on our virtual tour page.

  1. What is the number address of Kimbel Lodge?
  2. What bird is hiding in the marsh grass at the Discovery Center? 
  3. Where are the five System-Wide Monitoring Sites (SWPM) in the Reserve?
  4. How many volunteers are in the marsh sweep photo at the NERR offices? 
  5. On what creek is Clambank Landing located?
  6. What birds often can be seen at Bosun’s Point?
  7. What bird is pictured at North Jones beach?
  8. What Reserve site can be found near Frazier Point Bend?
  9. How many acres is Thousand Acre marsh?
  10. What color are the buckets our sentinel site researchers are using?