Storm Story: Hurricane Ian

Storm Stories use Data to Communicate Hurricane Impacts

Storm Stories was developed through a NERR Science Collaborative Transfer Grant. The past several years of extreme hurricanes in the southeast highlighted a need to communicate with local communities, students, and decision makers about the impacts of hurricanes. The NERR System Wide Monitoring Program (SWMP) collects meteorological and water quality data in estuaries, providing unique insights into the effects of hurricanes. Storm Stories offer a timely communication tool to educators in coastal communities that have experienced a hurricane, fisheries and land managers seeking to interpret negative environmental changes following extreme storms, and local decision makers guiding post-storm recovery. 
Hurricane Ian hit the southeast US in fall 2022. Check out the Storm Stories below to learn about its impacts at North Inlet – Winyah Bay NERR and our surrounding communities. The Storm Story is available as a printable PDF or an online StoryMap.