That’s a Wall Hanger! Making Memories in the Marsh

“Man that is a wall hanger! That fish is huge! What is that, a whale you are reeling in?” This is what our IBIS Volunteer, Rodney Young, shouts as he is encourages our young anglers reeling in the biggest fish they have ever caught, many experiencing fishing for the first time.
Although 2020 was a “tough fish to catch” we were able to safely host our partnership South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) Family Fishing Clinics at the North Inlet Estuary. This program is intended to teach skills on how to tie fishing knots, how to rig a rod and reel, casting techniques, and best of all the opportunity to try their hand at saltwater fishing. The most important part of this program is teaching both children and adults ethical fishing practices and to protect our ecosystem and animals for future generations to enjoy.
Without the participation of our Inlet & Bay Stewards volunteers, also known as IBIS, the NIWB NERR education sector would not be able to host these important programs The IBIS and SCDNR volunteers are always enthusiastic and make this Family Fishing Clinic a better experience. Their dedication to volunteering and helping children and adults catch their first fish is above and beyond! In total, our IBIS Volunteers contributed over 350 volunteer hours! Species caught by our participants in 2020 clinics included: Croaker, Atlantic stingray, Bluefish, Redfish, Northern Puffer, Lizardfish, Black Drum, Pinfish, Spot, and Oyster Toadfish. As we reel in the new year, we can look forward to starting our SCDNR Family Fishing Clinic again. Stay tuned to our events calendar!